A little thing about this website…

Initially, this site was dedicated to my online portfolio as a Graphic Designer and Frontend Web Developer, after graduating from Platt College. But now I’ve decided to rededicate this site to whom this site is named after- Jedidiah D. Diche, me! 🙂  To the things I’ve experienced in the past as an aneurysm survivor, coming out,  and among other experiences. The present as a Graphic Designer and Frontend Web Developer who’s gone rogue and decided to pursue his first love- plants, thus embarking on a new journey in the Horticulture Industry. As well as the future in terms of my plans, hopes, goals, and dreams/aspiration. As well as motivational quotes here and there 😉

“The Happening”

Union-Tribune Article 

East County Gazette (page 8)

Video created by Mr. Randy Stubbs created for the Victory of Spirits Award hosted by Sharp Memorial Rehabilitation: