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About Us

We are San Diego Photographers whose attitude and beliefs about photography, photographs, and the like are very simple:

Pictures allow us to remember the moments. They allow us to relive and cherish the memories of our past. In other words, they allow us to reminisce.

Here at In Life Photography it is our hope to be able to tell your story, to preserve your moments, catalog them, and document them. It is our goal to capture the moments "in life." This is your story and we're here to help you tell it.

Through creative approach and unique styling we specialize in creating everlasting images that tell a story, that tell your story. Inspiration can be found throughout life. Your job is to live them out, and ours is to capture them. Every moment is a unique opportunity, so make each and every one of them count.

I remember the day I wrote this. I remember when this vision was born, when the dream we had needed to become reality. And so it began. In Life Photography was born.

Today, I am convinced that we wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Photography is more than a job or a career for us at In Life Photography – it is a passion. A passion we would like to share with everyone.

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