About Bayview Charities

Bayview Charities was established in 2001 to provide support to families in the changing demographics of the Southeastern San Diego Communities. The organization is the non-profit arm of Bayview Baptist Church. As more homeowners in this area transition to more affluent neighborhoods, properties have been rented to lower income families. The mission of the organization is to impact the community by strengthening the family through educational empowerment, economic development, health improvement and social and civic involvement.

Since the inception, the organization has operated a before- and- after school program for the elementary school students at the Nubia Leadership Academy, a San Diego Unified School District charter school. Nubia's students are 98 percent African American. 74 percent qualify for free or reduced lunch, a well recognized indicator of poverty. The typical Nubia family of four earns between $19, 838 - $34,000 annually.

Bayview Charities has provided extended-school day, summer, and intercession academic and cultural enrichment programs that include Freedom School (summer reading enrichment), Computers-to –Music (in partnership with The Center for Parent Involvement in Education), and Arts, Academics & Athletics (summer day camp), as well as, thematic camps and parent involvement sessions.

Currently the organization operates the before and after school "6 to 6" program for the Nubia Leadership Academy through a contract with the San Unified School District. We offer Art & Music, instruction to compliment the classroom curriculum, and cultural activities. This service is free to those that qualify, however space is limited.

Operation Ascend is the Fee- for- Service Program provided to all other students, who need before and after school care.

Coming very soon we plan to offer a Prison Re-Entry component and HIV/AIDS Prevention.

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