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arrowPrimeTime Program

A San Diego Unified School District subsidized program for the students of Nubia Leadership Academy charter school created to support the academic and social development of children. Located at the Bayview Baptist Church site, PrimeTime provides homework assistance and enrichment activities for elementary school children

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arrowOperation Ascend

A program that supports the needs and concerns of the working family, while advocating for children, parents, and education, built upon faith-based principles. It is our goal to remain rooted in the community, while bringing in resources from near and far, to serve the out-of-school time needs of the children and families within our community.

arrowAcademic Enrichment

  • Credentialed teachers provide homework assistance and tutoring to students in a small-group setting
  • Staff members conduct an hour academic enrichment games and activities at least 3 days per week
  • Music
    Students in our after-school program participate in voice and music activities led by music instructor at least once per week
  • Art
    Students in our after-school program participate in arts & crafts activities led by professional artists at least once per week

arrowCultural Enrichment

Students are engaged in cultural enrichment activities that celebrate diversity and contributions to society by multiple ethnic groups via dramatic performances, group reading, and cultural presentations.

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